Dr. Erola Fenollosa



Dr. Erola Fenollosa received her BSc in Environmental Sciences and MSc in Environmental Agrobiology from University of Barcelona in 2015 and 2016 respectively, both with extraordinary prize. She has also a Superior University Course in Data Science, applications in Biology and Medicine with Python and R (2018) and a second MSc in Data Science (2023). Dr. Fenollosa performed her PhD in Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Plant Physiology Summa Cum Laude and with extraordinary prize (2020) where she used a combined approach integrating data science with the study of invasive plants’ reproduction, stress, senescence and distribution. After staying as a postdoc and divulgator at the University of Barcelona, moment when she started her Youtube Channel “Environmental Data Scientist” to promote the use of statistical tools among Biological Sciences undergraduates, in 2022 Dr. Fenollosa won a Margarita Salas Fellowship to expand my research at the University of Oxford, and a lecturer position at Balliol College. During this period, she extended her plant ecophysiology expertise to develop novel ecological monitoring tools based on UAV’s (drones) multispectral images for grasslands. Now, at the PlantSynergy research group Dr. Fenollosa is extending this knowledge acquired abroad to define an invasive plant stress proxies based on RGB images as well as explore alien species physiological plasticity and multivariate stress responses to understand invasive plants success.


Erola Fenollosa