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Elsevier has updated the World’s Top 2% Scientist List and our research group is part of it

The presence of scientists from the University of Barcelona (UB) in the Stanford ranking “World’s Top 2% Scientist List” published on October 2023 by Elsevier has increased, and our research group is once again part of it. In the most recent update of this ranking, 170 members of the research staff from the UB are among the top 2% of scientists with the greatest influence in their respective fields. These individuals stand out for being the most frequently cited experts in their specific disciplines. Among these leading scientists is our principal researcher, Prof. Sergi Munné-Bosch, who once again has ranked in the top position of the field of Plant Biology in all of Spain. This accomplishment highlights the quality of the research conducted within our institution and the impact it has on the scientific community.