Laia Jené


Laia Jené began collaborating with the PLANTsynergy group in 2018, during her final project for her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, focusing on seed aging in the invasive species Caprobrotus edulis. Subsequently, she pursued consecutive Master’s degrees, first in Secondary Education Teaching at the “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona” (UAB), followed by a Master’s degree in Environmental Agrobiology at the “Universitat de Barcelona” (UB). During the completion of her Master’s thesis, titled “Development of a Method for Studying Calcium Uptake in Peach Trees under In Vitro Conditions Using Stable Isotope 44-Ca,” she had the opportunity to undertake a training period and work with the Fruit Cultivation group at the “Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia dels Aliments” (IRTA) at the Fruitcentre in Lleida. Currently, Laia Jené is a predoctoral student within the PLANTsynergy group, investigating physiological mechanisms of holoparasitic plants and their consequences on hosts, considering different models and holistically examining the different components of the system composed of both the parasite and the host.