Dr. Melanie Morales



Dr. Melanie Morales has received funding from the 3-year postdoctoral fellowship program Beatriu de Pinós (co-funded by the Government of Catalonia and the Horizon 2020-European program) for the study of photoprotection mechanisms in plants live under extreme environments (extremophytes). She obtained her phD in Plant Biology (2015) unveling the aging in long-lived perennial model plants. During the 2-year postdoctoral scientific career in Chile (2017-2019) she led her own project and gained professional experience both in field scientific expeditions
in extreme environments (Antartic and Chilean Altiplano at 4500 m.a.s.l.) and setting up innovative laboratory methods to quantify diverse antioxidants by HPLC. Dr. Melanie Morales also developed a JdC-felowship at he the University of Balearic Islands (2019-2020) evaluating photo-oxidative stress markers during fruit development and leaf senescence in vineyards varieties. During her scientific career, she participated in several tasks of scientific dissemination (congresses, symposiums, workshops) as well as expanding and consolidating her network of scientific collaborators.


Melanie Morales