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Our group attends the XII Plant Ecophysiology Colloquium!

From May 7 to 9, 2024, we attended the XII Plant Ecophysiology Colloquium in Jaca (Aragón, Spain). On one hand, three members of our group had the opportunity to share research and ideas that we are currently working on, while on the other hand, we were able to learn about the latest studies from various plant eco-physiologists from Spanish institutions.

PhD student Sabina Villadangos presented her latest discovery with Sempervivum tectorum, entitled “Trade-off between Reproduction and Somatic Maintenance under Stress: Extreme Altruism in a Clonal Plant.” PhD student Laia Jené shared her initial results and ideas in her study on rosemary’s resistance to parasitism by a holoparasitic plant, entitled “Mechanisms of Tolerance and Resilience to Drought and Parasitism Stress Interactions in Salvia rosmarinus.” Professor Sergi Munné-Bosch opened the colloquium with his presentation, “The Human Footprint in Biological Invasions: Some Insights from Integrative Plant Physiology,” where he shared the group’s latest advances in invasive plant studies.